Study cases

Access to company computers through SparkView.
The current Covid 19 pandemic forced several companies to send their employees to work from home, but with the problem of how to allow users to connect to their computers within the company. SparkView, thanks to its redirection system to computers through the RDP protocol, allowed all users within the organization to access the office computers from their homes and continue working with the advantages that the home office offers. SparkView solved in a few hours a problem that is more and more recurring every day.

Centralization of ERP System to hardware company.

Many of the companies that have branches, like the case of this hardware store, was to have efficient access to their ERP system where the database of all the tools and new products is located. But these branches are used to serving small buyers who only require one piece of each tool, and therefore need to print quickly and efficiently. SparkView made it easy for this hardware store to serve customers, and printing that was previously a headache was resolved in minutes by deploying printing in seconds by SparkView across all branches across the country.

Aseguradora de autos

Car insurer

Insurance company adjusters.

In an auto insurance company, adjusters must travel the city daily to serve clients who have suffered an accident from the most insignificant to truly spectacular accidents. Therefore, having the information of the users is essential since it is necessary to identify the clients even where they, due to the circumstances, cannot give their information. Nowadays, adjusters, thanks to a tablet and a Cellular connection, can access their ERP panel and follow up on their care. Thanks to SparkView adjusters can safely, quickly and easily get all the information they need to serve their clients.

Sustituto de VPN

VPN substitute

Some companies have the drawback of choosing user access to company applications through VPNs or using other types of solutions. Years of using VPNs that sometimes demand a lot of time from the engineers, were replaced by SparkView connections, which allowed efficiently, improve and streamline the operation and response times in the IT department to solve other problems of greater importance.