Private Cloud Computing

SPARKVIEW allows you to quickly and securely access your corporate infrastructure

Advantages of using SparkView over Web-based services or applications of ERP's, CRM's and B2B systems, etc.

  • The SparkView system offers access with greater security and speed by delivering the WEB applications of ERP's, CRM's, B2B, etc. through a secure connection (SSL) that in turn can be created with more secure certificates than systems with normal certificates.
  • SparkView thins the bandwidth used by the application, providing triple the speed of a Web-based system since it delivers an application screen and does not draw the HTML elements as a normal page does, when displaying the text , starts downloading the images. SparkView fills in the missing pixels on the screen and does not require reloading the screen when moving from one section of the program to another.
  • When you put a Web System from any ERP program (such as SAP) The system database is exposed, which causes possible attackers to try to enter your system illegally and worse still damage it or steal sensitive data. Sometimes you have to buy extra security that only inflates the price of system maintenance.
  • SparkView also offers several levels of authentication so that your systems will not only have the classic name and password, but many levels of security can be added such as authentication by SMS, phone call, sending code by email, etc., or even with more advanced systems such as fingerprint, token, or FaceID with the help of plugins.
  • Having a protection system is also useful to implement an ERP to remote users, which is why SparkView works as a physical middle layer of protection between the user and the ERP System, since SparkView is the one who will face outwards and in at any given moment that an attack is received, SparkView acts as protection and in case of being disabled, the attacker will have no way to enter since when SparkView stops working, the only door in their systems is closed.
  • Even SparkView allows you to publish a browser with the web page of your ERP, this in order that if the ERP Web system requires additional plugins that are not found in all browsers SparkView would publish the system in a browser that already has with them, thus freeing the user from installing plugins in their browsers in which they are sometimes not available as in platforms such as MAC, Linux Unix etc.
  • The SparkView system can be installed for greater security on a Linux server (Suse Linux, OpenSUSE) as a physical middle layer, which gives more peace of mind to the security area as it is an operating system with less chance of being compromised.