With SparkView you decide who and what application or information to give your user, WITHOUT compromising your network or organization resources.

  • Very fast
  • Very easy
  • Without Complexity
  • At the lowest price, and
  • From any device.

Deploy, change or supplement your VPN with SparkView in Minutes.

No other VPN is required for SparkView to work. SparkView is a VPN itself.

SparkView allows direct CONTROLLED access to your computers through any browser through the RDP, VNC, Telnet, SSH, Files etc protocols, without the need to set up a VPN system. This allows the user to connect directly to the server computers and not over a channel that will consume more resources on your network, in addition to having to install a client on the remote user's computer.

Autenticación Multifactor

SparkView offers more advantages than a simple VPN since:

  • Access is through any internet browser. No configuration is necessary on the user's computer.
  • The user will access from any Smartphone device, tablet and / or PC's with any operating system.
  • It does not use IP on the network, so the system connects directly to the applications allowed for users.
  • It uses a compressed communication channel, allowing greater speed in access.
  • The connections use a security certificate so the connection is always encrypted.
  • It does not produce more traffic on the network and the system points to the computers where it is going to connect.
  • The maintenance and administration of the system is minimal.
  • Control access to what only the user is allowed to work with.
  • Only connects to computers defined by the administrator.
  • The costs are lower.
  • System administration is minimal and easy to perform.

SparkView as a Substitute or Add-on to your VPN

In case you already operate with a VPN, for example Cisco®, Juniper®, Pulse Secure®, etc. you simply need to invoke SparkView as a resource and voila!

VPNs are commonly used to join one or more networks into one, allowing communication between computers and devices on the NETWORK.

However, sometimes due to ignorance or not having more information, these are used in all the purposes of the company without knowing that there are more options in the market that can perfectly supply the operations of the VPN's at a lower cost, be more efficient and allowing the system administrator to have fewer occupations and perform higher priority activities in the company.


SparkView as Access to your Computers and Servers.

Sometimes VPNs are used by employees to access their company computers by remote desktop, but the VPN is sometimes only installed on a foreign computer, which if we do not have it available, we will not be able to access our remote system.

With SparkView we can enter the system from any computer and any browser, so it is not necessary to enter from a single system. Also, by having this alternative we can get rid of installing a client on the users' computers, allowing the systems administrator more freedom, freeing him from useless work and making time more efficient.

SparkView also provides greater security to the network since users will only be allowed to enter their computers, better protecting access to the network.

The use of VPN's also makes an expense in bandwidth since any search for a server, the sending of impressions or the search for a team go through the VPN of all users, encouraging their trajectory and sometimes doing more work than they should.

Remote Spark as a complement to your VPN.

VPNs are not always slow systems, sometimes when we want to communicate Hardware, Physical VPN is the only way to keep physical equipment together as fingerprint devices.

F5 VPN alliances with SparkView

SparkView y BIG-IP APM® de f5®: Technology Alliance Partnership (TAP).


BIG-IP APM® by f5 and SparkView as a joint solution, allows clients with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy and / or a strong IoT approach (basically any client with unmanageable client-devices), to remotely access your desktops and applications via HTML5 from any device with a modern browser, using BIG-IP APM® as a central point of administration.

BIG-IP APM® interoperating with SparkView adds HTML5 support to BIG-IP APM®. It does not require Java, Flash, ActiveX, or plugins on the client.


Fortinet’s Open Fabric Ecosystem provides integrated solutions to customers for comprehensive end-to-end security. The Fortinet Fabric-Ready Technology Alliance Partner Program brings together a community of global technology partners with specialized expertise, and makes available resources and tools to facilitate integration.


Fortinet collaborates with beyond SSL to deliver integrated end-to-end security solutions that leverage the industry-leading Fortinet Security Fabric.

By adding SparkView to the Fortinet Security Fabric, customers will have seamless and secure access to systems and applications from any device with a browser. As all data remains on the target systems inside the organization, this is a major step towards Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).