Secure Access to SAAS-based applications

SparkView Protects, publishes and delivers ERP´s, CRM´s, B2B and web-based systems .

Protect business data in cloud applications

Protection, control and speed in ERP´S, CRM´S, B2B and WEB- BASED system applications.

Why do you need secure Access to SaaS applications?

The control over cloud based applications can provide:

Perimetral Access

Extend the perimeter security policy to Saas applications.

Identity Protection

Enable multi-factor authentication.

Business Data Security

Enable read-only access to pre-approved devices.


Monitor your information/data.


Secure applications

Hassle - free Access

only for trusted devices.

Double factor authentication

for managed devices only.

Monitoring Access

generate login reports.

Provide read-only Access

control the access to untrusted networks.

Restrict Access

only Enterprise-managed devices.


in Token support via mobile devices.