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Access remotely and safely to your applications, data, desktops, and computers PC into your organization through SECURE WEB Access. EASY, FAST, and at the LOWEST COST.

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What is SparkView®?

SparkView is a world-class software, which facilitates its users; employees, executives, salespeople, etc., to be able to work remotely from home or from where YOU NEED IT and access your Applications, Windows. Desktops (VDI) RESIDING ON THEIR OWN CENTRAL SERVERS AND / OR TO HAVE REMOTE ACCESS TO THE PERSONAL COMPUTERS OF YOUR USERS WITHIN THE INTERNAL NETWORK OF YOUR ORGANIZATION FROM ANY LOCATION AND DEVICE (Smartphones, Tablets, Windows PC, Linux or Mac) IN A SAFE, FAST AND ABOVE ALL, CONTROLLED by DOUBLE AUTHENTIFICATION FACTOR through Microsoft and / or Google Authenticator.

WITHOUT INSTALLING ANYTHING on users' computers. All through a web browser.


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What does SparkView do?

Have your information online safely and quickly from anywhere and from any device.

With SparkView, staff from your organization or outside of it will be able to access in a controlled way with the respective permissions, to your ERP applications (SAP®, GP Dynamics®, Oracle®, etc.) CRM, BI, OutLook®, Exchange®, Office®, etc., access the Intranet / Extranet and remotely turn on your personal PC to work safely and very quickly.

Que hace SparkView


  • Branches of the Organization.
  • Points of sale.
  • Distribution centers.
  • Foreign Offices.
  • When You Travel.
  • From home.
  • When needed and from where you need it.
  • Etc., etc…..


  • Have Safe, Fast and Controlled Access to the Different Applications (Windows, Os400, LINUX, PC's) of your Organization.
  • Give Restricted and Controlled Access to Information to its Internal-External Users and / or Suppliers.
  • Give continuity to the work and/or business from any place, equipment, and operating system for the staff of your organization, without them being in their usual place of work.
  • Reduce the complexity of your organization's infrastructure, licensing, and operating expenses in Communications, Information Technology, Technical Support, etc., etc.

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